Halo Infinite’s Latest Technical Preview Enhances Performance Mode

343 Industries will host its latest technical preview of Halo Infinite this weekend. This opens up more of the game’s features to potential players. This test introduces new Halo Infinite modes that Halo enthusiasts can check out before its December launch. This test allows for deeper analysis of the performance of Halo Infinite and comparisons to other technical previews. One comparison revealed that Halo Infinite’s Performance Mode on console seems to have been significantly improved.

To clarify, Performance Mode is a graphics option that consoles offer. It typically reduces resolution and other visual features to get a faster frame rate. Digital Foundry’s recent analysis found that Halo Infinite’s new Performance Mode on Xbox Series X gave an impressive improvement over previous tests. Halo Infinite can run at 120 fps with the latest Performance Mode improvements on Xbox Series X. However, the game’s resolution drops below 1440p. Rarely, it drops down to 1080p.

Players couldn’t toggle between Quality Mode and Performance Mode in previous versions of Performance Mode on Xbox Series X. It was believed that the toggle was bugged. This meant that players were stuck in 60 fps quality mode, regardless of whether they switched to Performance Mode. Digital Foundry doesn’t believe there is a bug in the technical preview. This causes Halo Infinite to switch back to Quality Mode after the game resets. Players must then change it back back to Performance every time they start the game.

However, the Xbox Series X was not the only console that received improvements to Halo Infinite’s Performance Mode. Digital Foundry also discovered that the Xbox One X console received a boost in performance. The console’s performance mode now delivers a steady 60 frames per second frame rate. It also maintains a 1440p resolution, with occasional dips to 1080p. The Xbox One X Performance Mode was previously unable to consistently deliver 60 frames per second.

One other difference exists in Performance Mode for a different Xbox platform. The Xbox Series S had a Performance Mode that reached 120 fps prior to the technical preview. This mode has been removed. Halo Infinite now only supports a single 60 fps mode for the next-generation Xbox console. The Xbox One S has a single graphics mode that can only display 30 frames per second.

This is a surprising amount of choices for potential Halo Infinite gamers. Xbox Series X gamers with monitors or televisions capable of supporting 120 fps will be in the minority. However, 343 has a great mode that they can use regardless. The Xbox Series X’s dynamic 4K quality mode with 60 fps should suffice to satisfy Halo fans.

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