Veteran Final Fantasy Developer Working on New Dungeon Encounters Game

Square Enix has revealed Dungeon Encounters, the new Final Fantasy-inspired dungeon crawler game. Ito is known for his three Final Fantasy games, as well as being the creator of the iconic Active Time Battle system. Now it seems that he’s taking a different direction with a minimalist title that takes dungeon crawling back down to its roots.

Dungeon Encounters’ announcement trailer may bring back memories of Final Fantasy games past and present. It features beautiful art, solid character models and nearly blank maps. Dungeon Encounters offers players layers upon layers of board-game-like labyrinths to explore, instead of rich settings or vibrant environments.

The squares the player has walked on before are colored white. Unexplored squares are transparent. The trailer suggests that the game will be both a puzzle and a dungeon crawler. In fact, the player will be rewarded for exploring every level. Square Enix’s upcoming RPG will not be the only one to draw attention for its unique design choices. However, Dungeon Encounters’ stark minimalist aesthetic and complex puzzle mechanics might make it stand out from other Final Fantasy titles.

Ito isn’t the only Final Fantasy character involved in Dungeon Encounters. Hiroaki Kato was also the producer of Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age. He worked on Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together as well as two Final Fantasy Tactics games. Nobuo Uematsu (the musical director) will join them. Ryoma Ito is contributing character art and Ryoma Ito (the designer) will also be joining them. Fans may find it a dream to see all these franchise titans work together on a Final Fantasy-inspired video game.

There are a variety of characters that can be played in the game, most of which fit into existing Final Fantasy archetypes. However, some characters, such as the sizable, round cat called Sir Cat and Jufren (a dachshund who wields a similar sword to Sif in Dark Souls), seem more experimental. Although the trailer doesn’t give much information about the mechanics of each character, it does show that some characters will have their own move sets. Square Enix claims that there will be 100 levels of challenging puzzles in the game, which could indicate that it will be more puzzle-oriented than any other title.

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