Minecraft Player Creates Cover of ‘Still Alive’ From Portal Using Note Blocks

Minecraft offers a wide range of creative possibilities, including a complete wiring system, hundreds upon blocks, and even music tools. One Minecraft player took the music elements and created a cover of Still Alive by Portal.

The Note Block is one of the many blocks in Minecraft. It can be tuned to particular pitches and will play a note or percussive sound depending on which block it is below. To play complete songs, some composers make large chains of note block blocks.

A Minecraft player named minoan8128 covered the Portal’s iconic ending song, Still Alive. A song cover is made up of hundreds of note blocks linked together in a huge chain. The minecart tracks carry the player, so that the sounds don’t get out of range. The background features detailed dioramas that resemble Portal’s test rooms. Carefully timed falling blocks add an impressive amount to the build and sell the idea of portals working. Banners are cleverly used to create turrets and even small details such as flickering lights and security cameras.

Minecraft is known for its dedication to projects. Some, such as Half-Life 2, took over a decade. Minoan8128 joked that the Still Alive cover took “approximately 1 pandemic” to make. While the composition is very similar to the original, it retains its own style and visuals help keep the Portal aesthetic in the forefront.

Although the song cover is amazing on its own, the original poster claims that it was entirely created in vanilla survival Minecraft. It would be an incredible achievement if this claim is true. The large, detailed building in which the majority of the cover is displayed is huge. It also showcases many more construction projects. With the lack of flying and material gathering required for survival, such massive constructions would have been very time-consuming.

Even though spinoffs such as the Minecraft movie’s fate remain uncertain, the community keeps the game alive with creative projects. The current developers also keep the game updated with new features regularly. Minecraft has a lot of potential and fans will continue to support it.

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