Elden Ring Is In Final Stages of Development

The highly anticipated title Elden Ring from studio FromSoftware is a highly-discussed title. George RR Martin, a critically acclaimed fantasy writer, only adds to the excitement. Although the game did not make it to the Tokyo Game Show, fans who had been eagerly awaiting its arrival were given an update through another show. Manager Yasuhiro kitao, who is launching the game early next year, made a brief appearance and answered some questions about the game.

Famitsu hosted a short appearance by Kitao on a video show. One of the questions was about Elden Ring’s content. Kitao reaffirmed what type of game it is. It is FromSoftware’s culmination in dark fantasy action, with fans expecting the same level of adventure and difficulty as Dark Souls. He also spoke about the large number of dungeons in the game’s open world.

Elden Ring’s map, fast travel functions and other details were also discussed. This will be a major departure from previous games by the company. Kitao explained that the map would be larger than usual and more unconventional. The player can piece together their locations by finding pieces of the map in the overworld. This allows the player to choose how they want to explore.

Kitao stated that the game is in its final stages and is moving along quietly. He addressed the eagerly awaiting fans with a touch of humility and a message. He began by addressing the gap between Elden Ring’s E3 2019 announcement and the June video. He said, “I thought it would go forgotten until then but there were many people who were waiting for it, so I want to thank them again.”

After his brief appearance, he said that he hopes fans’ expectations are met as the team develops Elden Ring. Kitao was only able to appear on Famitsu for ten minutes due to his busy work at FromSoftware. However, his appearance highlighted many features that fans should be excited about for the upcoming title.

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