Cheaper Xbox Series X Expansion Drives Are Coming From Seagate

Due to the possibility of multiple upgrades for video games, the next-generation consoles were much anticipated long before their 2020 release. These consoles were generally praised for their faster loading times and higher graphics fidelity. Fans shared one concern, however, other than the price, which is the storage capacity of next-gen consoles. Owners of the Xbox Series S/X may not have to wait any longer to obtain a new expansion drive.

Modern AAA video games require more storage than ever before. The Xbox Series S only has 512GB storage, while the Xbox Series X can store 1TB. This is a problem when games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or Modern Warfare easily exceed 100GB. Seagate currently offers a 1TB storage drive for the Xbox Series X/S. It fits perfectly into the available storage space on both the consoles. The 1TB Seagate drive provides almost double the storage space for Xbox Series X and takes advantage of next-gen hardware’s loading speeds.

S, it comes with an incredibly hefty price tag of $220 USD ($280 CAD). There are many storage options that are less expensive, like an external HDD, or SDD. However, they will not benefit from the Xbox’s fast loading times. According to a leak, Seagate is soon going to sell a smaller version of its 1TB storage drives. The new 512GB expansion drives have been leaked to retailers. According to an anonymous source who spoke with WindowCentral, the storage drives could also be sold during the holiday period.

A USB Game Drive for Xbox SSD was also revealed in the leak. Users can use it to store their games later. This could theoretically be a quicker solution than redownloading all the games. The USB SSD can be used to transfer the games to the internal SSD.

Although it is not yet known how much the new 512GB expansion drive would cost, it’s likely that it will be less than half the price of the 1TB drive. S another alternative than paying $220 USD for another expansion drive. These solutions offer a promising solution for owners of next-generation Xbox consoles who struggle to store their limited storage space.

The 512GB expansion drive is slightly more expensive than the 1TB drive. The Xbox Series X owners will be happy with the 512GB expansion drive, which has 1TB of storage. However, the Xbox Series S owners who have 512GB internal space might not find it sufficient. As the new Xbox consoles approach their one-year mark, it is possible that cheaper storage options will soon be available.


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