New World Players Worry Endgame PvP Is Too Exclusive

Many of the thousands of new players who are entering New World’s Aeternum setting are not sure what awaits them. New World has a wide variety of content, including crafting, questing, and PvP. However, many of the more difficult content in New World requires players to find it themselves as they progress. As New World’s most committed players reach higher levels they are sabotaging the game’s PvP endgame.

New World players see the most thrilling systems when they open their maps. New World’s equivalent of guilds, companies can claim territories and then fight for them in a territory war. Although territories are New World’s most important resource, it is not possible to defend them in the massive 50v50 Wars. This raises the question of New World players not being able to participate in any War, no matter how much they may want to.

New World has 15 territories, but only 11 can be claimed by any one Company. A single Company can claim multiple territories. This means that eleven Companies can have a territory at a time, but it is likely to be less with larger Companies claiming multiple territories or Companies unable to wage war against their New World faction. Each company can only have 50 members participate in the Company’s Wars. This should give you an idea of how exclusive and unique this part of the game.

A New World player must not only join a major Company but be favored by the Company’s leadership in order to take part in the MMO’s most important endgame PvP features. This is because Company leaders have the power to remove players from Wars sign-ups.

Players are concerned that the current system of territory control and the Wars that play a crucial role in it are unfairly exclusive. Only a small percentage of New World server players will be able participate in the system. Moreover, most players will not realize that they’ll be excluded from the system until they reach New World’s endgame.

There is no obvious solution. Many New World players think that each server should have a minimum of 12 smaller territories that smaller companies can also fight for. There are other solutions that could be considered, such as making Wars bigger or being part of the New World’s open-world. Both have their positives and disadvantages. This is a topic that will likely be a bigger issue in the months ahead.


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