Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet Actress Working on New Game Vengeance is Mine

Metal Gear Solid is filled with memorable characters that are brought to life by talented individuals. Quiet is from Metal Gear Solid 5 – The Phantom Pain. Now, Stefanie Joosten will be the creative director for a new mech combat video game titled Vengeance Is Mine.
Joosten, who almost played the role of Fragile in Death Stranding’s, recently announced the new game through a Twitter video. She briefly described Vengeance Is Mine as a game that blends genres, themes, and ingeniously innovates on industry standards, as well as being able to describe it as a game that fuses genres and themes in surprising ways.

According to the official blurb Vengeance is mine tells the story about Gabriel Jaeger who is executed by three time travelers traveling to 1664 to find an old piece technology that will give them a terrible power. Charles Jaeger uses technology to activate Deacon, an abandoned military facility buried beneath the streets of New Amsterdam. This is a plot that would be right at home in Metal Gear Solid. The people are then able to rally around Robert Wright, their spiritual leader “beyond time and space.” Gabriel Jaeger survives his execution but prepares to exact his revenge with a prototype HYDRA suit. This is shown during the video.

110 Industries will publish Vengeance is Mine. It will feature a time manipulation mechanic similar to some action games’ bullet-time functions. It will allow players to adjust combos or cheat death, speed up or slow down time, and even readjust their timing. Joosten, a Metal Gear veteran, says that the title is more than a game. This may be because she borrowed some ideas from Hideo Kojima‚Äôs famously creative and bizarre book.

At the time of writing, Vengeance is Mine’s announcement has elicited excitement from Joosten’s fans. One Twitter user stated that Joosten’s presence was enough for them to be excited about the game. This may be a reflection of how Hideo Kojima’s followers feel about him. Joosten was greeted with many congratulatory messages. Another fan immediately promised to play the game, and another reported that Vengeance is Mine would be a great learning experience.

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