Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans Want To See Gwen Stacy In The Sequel

Like Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy has been through many iterations using different sources. Marvel’s Spider-Man weaves its own web of lore, character continuities and plots to keep fans interested and awed by what might happen.

Gwen hasn’t yet been accepted into Marvel’s Spider-Man. This is something that fans have acknowledged since the original game was released. Mary Jane Watson, Peter’s conflicted romantic partner, was instead established. Fans have questioned whether the storyline of Miles Morales & Gwen should be continued in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Walo-888 makes a hot take on the Marvel’s Spider-Man community, stating that they would love to see Gwen as a romantic interest in Miles. Walo-888 also wants Gwen to be only a romantic interest, and not have the possibility of becoming Spider-Gwen. This suggestion has divided fans who love either iteration of Gwen, whether it be the intelligent college student who hates Spider-Man and gets dropped from the George Washington Bridge, or The Mary Janes’ drummer who gets bitten by a genetically-engineered spider.

Marvel’s Spider-Man players claim that Peter and Miles, the two Spider-Men Insomniac Games has already developed, are too much to handle. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the first time the two of them fought crime together. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 might want to further develop this dynamic duo. Some fans think that Insomniac might want to continue adding Spider-people to their universe and that even one tease might be offered.

Multiple fans came out in support of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Miles Morales’ Hailey Cooper is a street artist who has impaired hearing and communicates with Miles via sign language. Fans love Hailey, despite her small role as a sidecharacter. However, they would like to see their relationship blossom. Although it’s not clear that they are in love, it seems like Insomniac laid the foundation for a future romantic relationship.

According to a Walo-888 post, it seems that Gwen might play a part in the future development of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Or Insomniac might not be ready to give up on a potential character and wait until the right time and place is available to add her to the story. Fans would love to see the character, whether as a mild-mannered, tragically fated lover or as an alternate universe crimefighter.

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