God of War Ragnarok Fan Shares Amazing Concept For Odin

God of War Ragnarok has been a hit since its unveiling at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase last October. It is the sequel to 2018’s highly successful soft reboot. Many are looking forward to the sequel as it answers many burning questions.
The myriad theories about the king of Aesir have been fueled in part by 2018’s God of War, which intentionally hints at a vague and foreboding future for him. Although very little information is known about the god except that Kratos and Atreus will undoubtedly be on a collision course, there are many details. Although Odin’s appearance remains a mystery even today, one Reddit user made a great guess and it was quite eye-catching.

Reddit user Buffybumcheeks shared an image they created of the head god. It was styled after the revelations Sony made about new cast members such as God of War’s portrayal of the god Thor. Even the name Richard Schiff, the voice actor for this role, is included in the art.

This Odin take is full of details, but it’s worth taking the time to look at. While the artist is able to accurately replicate some of Sony’s designs, he also includes some of Odin’s most iconic traits. This Odin is dressed in furs and intricate gold accessories, fitting a king from a cold region such as the ancient Norse. His mythology is reflected in the horns at his waist that resemble a Viking helmet and his horn at the waist.

The mythological signatures Odin has made are of particular interest. These will be tools Odin will need to confront the demise of the Norse gods. The first weapon is in his right hand. It can be reasonably assumed that it is Gungnir (the Spear of Destiny) which Odin has used throughout his reign. His second eye is the one Odin sold for knowledge many years ago. The eye appears to have some decay or corruption, which proves that the Aesir paid a steep price.

Odin will likely be the last antagonist of the Norse saga since God of War Ragnarok is the end of the Norse story. This puts a lot of pressure on Odin to perform a convincing performance before Kratos travels elsewhere. It all begins with a design that makes a good first impression. If the final design Sony chooses is even half as good, Odin will be in good hands.

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