Talented Skyrim Player Shares Breathtaking Alduin Painting

Skyrim has been explored by gamers for the past 10 years. These explorations have led to the discovery of many dangerous and rare creatures in Skyrim’s open world. The wilderness is home to many strange creatures, such as the three-eyed trolls and the terrifying humanoid-looking Hagravens. There are many vicious creatures in the game but some are more dangerous than others.

Dragons are one of the most dangerous creatures in Skyrim, among the many wild animals. Skyrim residents fear Alduin, also known to be the World-Eater. This dragon is one of the most powerful creatures in existence and was prophesied to bring down the world by the Nords. This monster is the main antagonist in the main quest. Many players have met it. One fan created a piece of art inspired by this famous character.

Reddit user alqin2s_art posted a picture of Alduin, the evil dragon. They created an amazing image of the dragon flying across the night sky using acrylic paint. An aurora was painted in the sky by the artist using many colors, much like the one found in Skyrim. The design also featured a bright moon above a silhouette of the dragon and several pine trees around the edges. The most remarkable aspect of the picture is the way the artist was able to paint one of Skyrim’s most destructive and powerful creatures and create a serene scene. Alqin2s_art also revealed that the entire painting process took approximately 5 hours.

Reddit’s Skyrim community has been embracing this new painting by alqin2s_art. Fans agree that the artist has captured the beast’s look perfectly against the night sky, with nearly 11,000 upvotes. Many appreciated the idea of making the dragon silhouetted against a moon, while others thought that the combination of colors looked like a screenshot from the video game.

Alduin’s fan art is just one of many impressive pieces of fanart created by Skyrim members. Another gamer recently recreated Bleak Falls Barrow using LEGOs. There are so many other creatures and places to explore. It will be fascinating to see what talented artists like alqin2s_art make next.

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