Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Infinite Heavy Ammo But Isn’t Easy


From the beginning, Destiny 2’s combat has required players to keep a steady supply of heavy ammunition and still have stronger weapons to deal with difficult enemies. However, some players have discovered a way to avoid the need to keep ammo in check. This allows them to use heavy and special weapons unlimited, including some of Destiny 2’s most exotics.

The culprit is an animation glitch that’s tied to relics. However, this exploit doesn’t work on all relics in Destiny 2. This means that some players might have difficulty activating the glitch during activities like Crucible. However, Titans have the ability to activate the glitch at will and can provide unlimited ammo for their fireteam.

Players should watch the Cheese Forever video to activate the glitch. Players will need to have enough ammo to activate the glitch. They can also pick up one of the relics that allows them to switch to third-person mode. The game will replenish the magazine by picking up the relic and reloading. If done correctly, it can even give you more reserve than the weapon can hold. The glitch will activate in many activities that use relics such as Destiny 2: Last Wish Raid. However, there are occasions when it doesn’t.

Stasis Titans can activate unlimited ammo in areas without a glitch relic. They do this by using a Diamond Lance and any stasis kill for some builds. The Diamond Lance relic can be picked up by other players, so that Titans can act as an ammo reserve for their fireteams or raid parties across multiple encounters. Although there is a limit to how much ammo can still be duplicated depending on the skill of each player and how many stasis kills a Titan can manage per encounter, it can provide substantial more heavy use than what is usually intended.

This glitch can cause certain activities to be broken, such as raids or strikes. This can be fun for players who have already won these encounters several times. The infinite ammo can also impact competitive activities such as Destiny 2’s PvPvE game Gambit. This could make it difficult for players to enjoy this multiplayer content. Players may be tempted to use this glitch less frequently in situations that could attract more attention from Bungie, and force Bungie to fix it sooner than expected.

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