TikTok Couch Guy Trend Invades Stardew Valley in Funny Video

TikTok is as popular today, if it wasn’t more, than “Vines”, so it’s not surprising that memes created on the app have reached far beyond the Stardew Valley community. Stardew Valley fans were hit by the latest trend this time. A Stardew Valley fan created the meme in Stardew Valley style. This player was able to recreate the original meme within Stardew thanks to its multiplayer capabilities.

TikTok is constantly in a state where multiple similar videos are spawned out of a single video that becomes extremely well-known for many reasons. These videos spawning from many others have been referred to as a “TikTok Trend” by users. The newest video in the spotlight is called “Couch Guy”. Stardew Valley fans were already Rick Rolling communities so it was only natural that Couch Guy would be popularized in the indie game.

A background music track by Ellie Goulding, the Couch Guy, plays. A girlfriend films her long-distance boyfriend visiting her “farm” house. As per the TikTok trend the girlfriend walks into the house and sees her boyfriend with another girl. The girlfriend then continues to run up to him and kiss him, despite the fact that another girl is present. The viewers can only wonder if they will be able to make it to Stardew Valley after all this.

This recreation has many humorous elements. This Couch Guy recreation is not only accurate, but also the original video and the Stardew Valley movement. Many people love Stardew Valley’s indie game, but some fans make funny videos about the reality-breaking mechanics like the Stardew economy. These videos can be made online in many formats.

Stardew Valley fans will enjoy a peaceful, slow-paced experience of farming life. Because there is so much downtime, fans are quick to create hilarious and wholesome content from even the most mundane situations. The game’s fans have many creative ideas, such as creating TikTok trends and pretending to be a Stardew cattle farmer.

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