Resident Evil: Real Life Raccoon City Police Car Is Scary Accurate

Resident Evil: Real Life Raccoon City Police Car Is Scary Accurate

Recently, a Resident Evil fan spotted a Raccoon city police car parked at Best Buy in Arizona. The authentic-looking vehicle even had a minigun hidden away for safekeeping. The Raccoon police department has a fascinating history in Resident Evil legends. It is believed that the higher-ups took bribes to Umbrella to ignore their nefarious activities. R.P.D. Played a significant role in the T-Virus contamination that decimated Raccoon City’s drinking water supply.

Raccoon City’s best rest in Resident Evil in many other ways. The franchise’s most beloved playable character is Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop. R.P.D.’s Special Tactics and Rescue Service (or S.T.A.R.S.) often takes center stage, with members like Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as the lead characters in the original Resident Evil episode. At the same time, many fans enjoy cosplaying as the iconic R.P.D. One fan took heroes and others a step further by creating RE.

Redditor posted photos of the real-life Resident Evil-inspired Raccoon city police cruiser that he found outside of a Best Buy. George responded to Reddit users who claimed they had seen similar cars. He confirmed that the police car is available on the streets of Arizona. The S.T.A.R.S. is emblazoned on the specially-designed black and white cruiser. The S.T.A.R.S. name is displayed on the side. R.P.D. Logos are located over the rear tires. The trunk also contains a fake minigun and two airsoft pistols, as well as a pair of revolvers. An airsoft shotgun is also included, mounted on drunken people. See the photos below of the R.P.D. Cruiser.

Reddit user suggested that the “OUT OF STOCK” cover for sirens might have been required by local or state law to keep the car street legal. This suggests that the owner had to go through many hoops to get his R.P.D. Cruiser road-ready. However, such efforts appear to have been worthwhile.

Resident Evil continues its success after the brand’s revival with the 2017 launch of Resident Evil7. Remakes for RE2 and 3 followed the highly-acclaimed entry. The latest installment of the franchise, Resident Evil village, is a direct sequel. It stars series newcomer Ethan Winters.





Why The Expanse Game Has You Play A Belter, According To Telltale CEO

Why The Expanse Game Has You Play A Belter, According To Telltale CEO

Telltale Games’ storytellers are incredibly talented and reveal why Camina Drummer was chosen as the main character in their upcoming Expanse: A Telltale Game and why her backstory might make it a must-play fan of The Expanse books or Amazon series.

Many people credit Telltale with bringing back the adventure game. Telltale Games enjoyed a huge fanbase and excellent reviews during its peak. In the early 2010s, The Walking Dead was a hit, and The Wolf Among Us was a popular episodic game. This episodic format allowed Telltale Games to release in smaller chapters rather than one large experience. Players’ choices and progress are carried over from each chapter. Between 2013 and Telltale Games’ sudden shutdown in 2018, eleven series contained over 60 chapters of episodic content. The announcement that The Wolf Among Us 2 would be released by the company, a prequel to the Amazon series and the space-opera book series The Expanse, heightened the excitement.

Instead of taking control of one of the Expanse’s spacefaring main characters, the players will instead take control of Camina drummer, a Belter who was not born on either the series’ human homeworlds of Earth and Mars. Game Informer reported that the developers wanted to tell a characterless familiar with sci-fi series. This allows the team to tell their own story. Jamie Ottilie, Telltale’s current head, stated that Drummer isn’t in the books, so she was the ideal character to focus on for the game. As they explore places and the mysteries of The Expande’s Solar System, fans will be part of a strong team of personalities.

Telltale Games’ developers felt initially apprehensive when they pitched the idea for a game that would take place before the events of the series. These doubts were squashed by Telltale Games, who saw an opportunity to expand The Expanse’s lore by adding backstory to characters that have not yet received one. Fans will have to wait and see what the game developers plan to do with the characters from Expanse.

Many are happy to see Telltale Games return, but others will not forget about the developer’s buggy engine and canceled projects such as the Telltale Stranger Things and the Game of Thrones. Telltale Games is making a strong comeback with new management, a game engine, and partnerships. If Telltale Games can create compelling new stories with The Expanse: A Telltale Game, it may be history again.




Steam games are finally starting to get their ‘Deck Verified’ status

Valve stated in October 2021, it was going through “the entire Steam catalouge” to ensure that each game was compatible with the Steam Deck handheld. The Steam storefront would display a “Deck verified” indicator that indicates a game’s status. This indicator shows that the game is Verified, Playable (with certain limitations), Unsupported or Unknown. It has not been tested.
Valve is beginning to see results from its efforts. SteamDeck members have noticed that certain games have been given Deck Verified status. While it isn’t currently shown on Steam store listings (but you can see it on SteamDB), there’s a way to see them. This list only covers 67 of the more than 60,000+ Steam games. Further complicating matters is that not all games on the list have been verified. You can only check the individual listing to verify a game’s current status.

Cuphead is one example.

Some limitations are minor. For instance, the Witcher 3 is fully functional with the Steam Deck controller setup. It “performs well,” but it is not rated “playable” due to some small text in the game that may be difficult to read on Steam Deck’s screen.

The list contains a few “unsupported” games, but Steam Deck stans are happy to report that all but one of these VR games are supported (Steam Deck does not support VR). Persona 4 Golden is the only standard game that isn’t supported on this list.

Redditor Priception_Official has a method to view these listings via Steam. It works, although it is a bit shaky. I tested it using the Firefox browser.

Here’s how it works:

On an open tab, press CTRL + Shift +M. This puts the browser in “Responsible Mode.” This allows you to mimic different displays so that websites will work on different devices.
Change the resolution to 900×800.
Click the Settings icon in the top right to enable “Show user agent.”
In the “UA” field, type “Valve Steam Gamepad.”
Make sure that “Touch Simulation” (next to the UA) is disabled
Go to and look at some games
The Steam Deck Compatibility indicator will be displayed in the upper-right corner if you have followed all the steps correctly. You can find out more about compatibility points by clicking the “learn More” button.

morehough it isn’t the best browsing solution, it works. It also shows that Valve is making some progress in this area. Small progress, yes, but great journeys and single steps. The process for getting games verified will likely be speeded up soon. The Steam Deck is expected to start shipping in February.

Although there is no information on when verification results will start appearing on the standard Steam store pages at this time, Valve did confirm that it has begun rolling out Steam Deck Verified results for a few games in an e-mail sent to PC Gamer.

A Valve representative stated that these early rounds were made to test different parts of the Store and Library on Steam Deck. “We’ll be conducting these tests in the coming week before we ramp up towards (and past!) launch.

Fable Art Director Paul McLaughlin Dies at Age 57

Fable Art Director Paul McLaughlin Dies at Age 57

Paul McLaughlin, the art director of many other loved games, has passed away at 57. After a long battle with cancer, he passed away on December 20, 2021.

McLaughlin, a 30-year industry veteran, began his career at Emerald Software in 1988 as a game developer. He then moved to Bullfrog Productions (1990). He was a key part of many acclaimed classics such as Populous II and Syndicate. McLaughlin was the art director of Black & White when Lionhead Studios was established as an offshoot from Bullfrog. He also served as the original Fable’s art director in 2004. McLaughlin was an integral member of the studio’s staff until Lionhead’s controversial closing in 2016. McLaughlin then became the head of art for independent developer 22cans.

Following the tragic news of McLaughlin’s death, the UK game development community paid tribute to him. Eurogamer collected these tributes from close friends and colleagues. McLaughlin was honored by Peter Molyneux as the co-founders of Bullfrog and Lionhead. “Paul was an important cornerstone of my life,” Molyneux stated. He was funny, professional, and moral. He could see the right and fair approach to any situation. He will be missed by me every day. His legacy will be felt for a long time.” Many fans have expressed their sorrow and condolences. Some cited Fable as a favorite game alongside McLaughlin’s other works. His wife Evie, Conor, Evy, and his two daughters Louise, Evy, and their son Conor are his survivors.



Animal Crossing Encanto Recreation Features the Whole Madrigal Family

Animal Crossing Encanto Recreation Features the Whole Madrigal Family

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player created a charming recreation of Encanto from Disney’s film. It featured the entire Madrigal family. Although Nintendo’s social simulation series has been around for two years, its latest installment is still being developed by its player base.

When it comes down to designing an island design, other intellectual properties across all media tend to inform Animal Crossing creators. Disney has had its fair share of impressive representations in Nintendo’s title. One example was when a player split their island to create the illusion of two islands in honor of Moana. It was only a matter of time before Disney’s new animated feature, Encanto, received the same treatment. The results are impressive.

YouTuber Th3meow posted an animated video showing their detailed recreation of the film (via Nintendo Life), which goes beyond just a build of one specific location in the film. Each member of the Madrigal family has an Animal Crossing companion with exact clothing and hairstyles. Th3meow was able to recreate scenes and the abilities of family members using either in-game editing or both. Although some minor errors throughout the piece, they do not affect the overall effect.

Many Animal Crossing players are now more than just creating structures and recreating outfits. Sometimes dedicated Animal Crossing players will create complete scenes from other intellectual properties with editing. One player even attempted a shot-for-shot remake of the entire trailer for the 1990 Christmas movie Home Alone.

It’s still hard to believe that New Horizons is only two years old and still has a lot of potentials. It’s amazing how many creative builds the community has created that Nintendo’s latest social simulator series feels more like Minecraft than any other title in this franchise. Some Animal Crossing enthusiasts create instructional videos to help others learn and encourage them to do the same. Animal Crossing – New Horizons is a unique experience that has retained a loyal player base for quite some time. It will be interesting for players to see how long this can last before the next installment is released and if it will be as amazing as Enter to.




Stardew Valley Player Fills Cellar with Ancient Fruit Wine

Stardew Valley Player Fills Cellar with Ancient Fruit Wine

Stardew Valley players will always find a way of making the most in-game currency. One clever player decided to line his entire basement with Ancient Fruit Wine Casks. Stardew has been a fan favorite game since 2016. There are many ways to make money in Stardew Valley .crops are the main source of income, but players continue to innovate ways to maximize their farms.

Stardew Valley is a simulation game in which players inherit their grandfather’s farm and are given the task of taking care of it. Players quickly discover that there’s more to this game than farming. Players can interact with many villages and build relationships with them. After mastering the basics of farming, players can learn to make casks and bottles to make beer and wine. These can be sold for an amount of G (ingame currency). Stardew Val, Ancient Fruit can be found in Stardew Valley. It grows from Ancient Seed. These can be found in many places, such as monster drops and fishing, but have a rare drop rate. After the seed has been planted, the fruit will take around 28 days to mature. Then it will re-grow every seven days. These fruits can make G. Usually, players turn them into jam or wine.

Reddit user nonchalantWombat shared his clever method of making Ancient Fruit into a lot G with the Stardew valleysubreddit. Commenters were impressed. NonchalantWombat shared that they had 189 casks on their basement floor. He also did some math to calculate how much the lot would sell for. The base price for Ancient Fruit Wine is 1650G, and the artisan perk is 2310G. The highest quality wine can fetch up to 4620G. This is a lot of money in Stardew Valley. According to NonchalantWombat, they expect to earn 873,180G over 56 days. They will have enough G to purchase any in-game item or upgrade their farm.

It will take many players a while before they reach the level of sustainability enjoyed by NonchalantWombat. While players can struggle to learn basic farming and fishing skills if they keep playing, they will eventually be an able to craft and build a money-making machine such as the Ancient Fruit Wine casks.

The Stardew Valley world will continue to offer a place for players to live out their farming simulation and billionaire dreams. Stardew Valley fans will be excited to see ConcernedApe’s new title Haunted Chocolatier.



Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga developers say crunch was a ‘soft-spoken blackmail’

According to Polygon, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga took nearly five years to create. This was a difficult process that involved extensive crunch and mismanagement.

Since 2017, the game has gone through many changes. It was released today on April 5. Several former and current developers at TT Games, both in the UK-based Knutsford studio and Wilmslow, UK-based TT Fusion, described a culture that required overtime and left concerns about the company’s ongoing problems unresolved.

One employee claimed overtime hours were “a soft-spoken blackmail” and was told that “if people don’t begin doing overtime, there will be problems.”

TT Games considered overtime voluntary and paid when it was founded in 2005. However, that changed in 2010. The studios’ department heads decided whether overtime was considered or “flexitime.” Overtime could result in additional pay or days off. However, “flexitime,” which was limited to 40 hours per week, could be exchanged with late starts and other holidays. Developers were warned that they could be penalized for not working extra hours and would lose their team’s support. Many developers worked 80-100 hours six days a week during peak periods, which forced them to work as many as possible.

According to Polygon sources, the TT studios also worked long hours and were hostile towards women. Polygon’s sources say that women were bullied and made bad about their appearances. They also received lower salaries than male employees. According to an April 5, 2020 gender gap report, women made up only 2.4% of the highest-paid jobs and 8.7% of employees in the upper mid hourly pay quarter.

The decision to use a different game engine hampered much of The Skywalker Saga’s progress. TT Games is well-known for its multiplatform Lego games. However, Unreal Engine could not license the engine, so they used it differently. This new engine was not tested, and employees approved it. According to developers, the new engine would often crash and cause delays in animation implementation. This could have resulted in hours of lost work.

Near the end of 2017, Stone, managing director, held a meeting to get feedback. Employees said that Stone didn’t do much in addressing these issues. Stone started to Polygon that he did not have any bullying reports at the time and that there were plenty of people who said, “I absolutely love being here and love working on Lego games.”

TT Games laim that The Skywalker Saga was plagued with scope issues. This is a major factor in the game’s long development cycle. Directors requested new mechanics, only to have them modified soon afterward. Management told developers to “strive for 85” throughout development–referencing the Metacritic score they hoped to hit. Three times the game was delayed since its 2019 announcement, a fact Polygon said is not surprising.

TT Games went through several management changes in 2020 and 2021. These included the departures from its studio head and its head of design. Polygon has reported that at least 40 employees have left TT Games since the beginning of 2021.

TT Games stated that it was committed to creating a fair, inclusive, and respectful workplace for all employees when asked about company issues. They also said that there have been “many efforts in recent years with new studio leadership and support from Warner Bros. Games to foster a collaborative culture and work/life balance that our employees can be proud to represent.”

According to Polygon, TT Games has decided to no longer use the NTT engine for future projects. Instead, they will be using Unreal Engine. It also stated that it has been paying more attention to how its staff can work overtime in the past few months.

Today’s trailer for The Skywalker Saga features the new combat system, enhancements, and Force powers. All of this came at a substantial cost to the lives and livelihoods of its developers. TT Games’ crunch culture is in stark contrast to Double Fine Entertainment and Respawn Entertainment, which claim to have had little or no crunch while developing their games. With studios facing an increasing crunch and developers becoming more interested in unionizing, we can expect that working conditions will improve across the board.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Star Excited To See If Misty Kills Ben

Yellowjackets Season 2 Star Excited To See If Misty Kills Ben

Samantha Hanratty is eager to learn if Misty, her character, will kill Ben in Yellowjackets season 2. Yellowjackets combine elements from horror and thriller genres to create a unique drama series. The series is split between 1996 and 2021 and follows four high school soccer players from New Jersey, the WHS Yellowjackets. They survive a plane crash that causes cannibalism. Yellowjackets season 1, created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, is now available on Showtime.

Hanratty is the lead in Yellowjackets. She plays the role of Misty Quigley, a teenager who serves as the Yellowjackets’ equipment manager. Misty initially appears to be an outcast in the team, but her first aid skills prove crucial after the plane crashes. In Yellowjackets episode 2, “F Sharp,” Misty displays the first signs that she has a dangerous need to help others. She destroys the plane’s flight recorder, thereby reducing the chances of quick rescue—misty poisons Ben (Steven Kreuger), Yellowjackets assistant coach, to keep Ben dependent on her. Misty is afraid that Ben will be a burden to her, so he plays along. However, Misty discovers later that he is gay.

E! has released Yellowjackets season 1. Melanie Lynskey and Samantha Hanratty spoke to E! News about the most exciting twists in Yellowjackets season 1 and what season 2 will bring. Hanratty says she is eager to see Misty’s reaction to Ben, revealing that he doesn’t love her in season 2. Below are Hanratty’s comments

“It makes it so much more exciting for season two because Misty discovers what Misty is thinking and we can see her face. It’s hard to predict how things will play out, even though we know he has been lying to us. She discovers that she is also tripping, and that she’s quite out of her element. Once she is in a healthy mind, I’m excited to see what happens–if ever she can be …”.

Now that Ben has admitted he was gay to Misty, it is clear that the girl won’t be able to let go of her obsession with him. The Yellowjacketsseason final shows that Misty is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. When adult Misty (Cristina Ricci) drugs Taissa (Tawny Cypress), a private detective Taissa had hired to look into her former team members, it was clear that Misty is an intelligent agent girl. Hanratty rightly points out, however, that Mijudgmentsements are not based on sound judgments. She has shown her willingness and ability to cross moral boundaries by spying on her friends and then retaliating against her patients.

Although Misty is vindictive, it would be a Misty not to kill Ben in yellowjackets HTML2, considering that the series five has five seasons planned. Yellowjaexamineamines the power dynamics of teenagers and their effects on adults Despite their extreme circumstances, life. Misty’s and Ben’s relationship will be crucial to her chances. Misty has almost total control over their relationship, except for Ben’s sexuality. It would be fascinating if the showrunners examined how Misty approaches something she controls over instead of killing Ben. H,owever Yellowjacketsseason 2 ends, viewers will share Hanratty’s excitement.





Moon Knight Poster Shows Marc Spector’s Comic-Accurate Crescent Weapon

Moon Knight Poster Shows Marc Spector’s Comic-Accurate Crescent Weapon

The Disney+/Marvel series Moon Knight poster 1 shows Marc Spector’s comic-accurate crescent weapon. Moon Knight features Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamawy as the first live-action adaptations of the Marvel Comics character. Jeremy Slater is the showrunner and writer. Episodes are directed by Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead.

Moon Knight is a creation of Doug Moench, Don Perlin and was published in the pages Werewolf by Night. It has been through several limited series and ongoing books since then. Marc Spector is the character’s real name. He is a former CIA mercenary and is fatally wounded during a fight against Raoul Bushman. Spector is miraculously healed after being left in an undiscovered tomb containing a statue of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. A character with dissociative identity disorder, Spector also has a variety of personalities within him. This includes Steven Grant, who Isaac seems to be beginning as in the show.


To go with the thKnight’snight trailer Disney+ has now released the first Disney+ poster. It features Spector holding his crescent weapon. Although the trailer doesn’t show Moon Knight using his weapon, the poster shows it exactly asdoesn’tears in comics. It serves as both an edged and throwing weapon. The poster also shows his costume’s mummy-like effects on him, as teased by the Moon Knight trailer. Below is the poster:

Isaac is not afraid to take on prominent roles. He starred in the Star Wars trilogy as Poe Dameron, and he also played Duke Leto Atreides (Denis Villeneuve’s Dune). He is also preparing to play the iconic Solid Snake, Villeneuve’sgt Roberts adaptation of the video game Metal Gear Solid. He will also playRoberts’that is not as iconic in Barry Levinson’s Francis and the Godfather. He will be playing the legendary diLevinson’sncis, Ford Coppola.

Moon Knight, a complex and violent comic-book character, is a Marvel favorite to adapt. He’s often compared to Batman with dissociative disorder. Marc Spector maHe’st has a tragic past like Bruce Wayne’s, but he has a lot of sins that make him an interesting character Wayne’s the MCU. It remains to be seen if Marvel will embrace his more violent and morally unsound aspects, but his comics’ style, tone, and look are consistent. Moon Knight is streaming exclusively on Disney+ from March 30.



Yellowjackets Creator Confirms Jackie’s Movie Journal Is Not A Mistake

Yellowjackets Creator Confirms Jackie’s Movie Journal Is Not A Mistake

Jonathan Lisco, Yellowjackets showrunner, debunks the theory that Jackie’s diary contains accidental anachronisms. Lisco is listed as the showrunner, and Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson, and Bart Nickerson. The series is split into two timelines. The first traces the survival efforts of a high school soccer team left in the wilderness of northern Canada in 1996. Survivors of the present-day deal with unresolved trauma, get rid of outsiders, and keep secrets.

Jackie (Ella Purnell), Jackie’s confident and beloved team captain, and Shauna Nelisse (Sophie Nelisse), Jackie’s seemingly deferential sidekick, are sleeping with Jackie’s boyfriend. This is one of the series’ most important relationships. Episode 6, “Saints,” features Shauna (Melanie Lynskey), and Jeff (Warren Kole), who have brunch with Jackie’s parents in celebration of their daughter’s passing. After an awkward meal, Shauna enters Jackie’s room, unoccupied for 25 years. She begins to look through the old journals of her deceased friend, where she lists her favorite movies, including those that were released after 1996.

Lisco confirmed that the diary entries weren’t anachronisms but rather carefully calculated details in an interview with Variety. The list, which is titled “Movie Characters that I Would Be,” was titled in pink marker and includes films such as American Beauty (1999) and Bring it On(2000). Both of these movies were released after the 1996 plane accident. Lisco insists that these details are not a contingency mistake. The showrunner said, ” It is not a mistake.” You can read the full quote below.

It’s not an error. We’ll find out. That will be a big part of what I’m referring to here, in terms of her trying to find some reconciliation with the past. ”

It’s impossible that a show as detailed as Yellowjackets would allow writers to make such obvious chronological mistakes. The showrunners didn’t know that their series would create an army of entrepreneurs, Yellowjackets, and citizen detectives. The clip was first shown in episode 6. Many viewers took it as a sign Jackie was alive or had returned from the wilderness. Others scanned the lists to find clues. They found that Rose from Titanic and Sydney from Smash survived their respective films.

Jackie’s death at the Yellowjacketsseason end should discredit any notions that she would ever see Bring it Onin theatres. However, Lisco’s confirmation of the movie journal being a mistake opens up a whole new world of theories. Maybe Shauna left some traces of her childhood at the house of a friend. Perhaps Shauna left some traces of her childhood at her old friend’s house. To learn more, fans will need to wait for yellowjackets ‘ return in 2022.