Minecraft Wii Remote Build Includes All the Details

Minecraft Wii Remote Build Includes All the Details

Minecraft players can be very creative. There are many impressive builds to choose from, including recreations of cities and spaceships. One Minecraft player even created a huge version of Star Wars Tattooine. One favorite fan category is the building of video game consoles and remotes. This inspired one player to build an astonishingly accurate Wii Remote complete with an IR sensor, charge port, and charge port.

Minecraft has many different modes that players can choose from. There are two modes: survival mode, which requires players to eat well and keep their health in check, and creative mode, which allows for more freedom. Survival mode requires players to gather materials to create items. These materials enable players to create shelter from zombies and other similar creatures. However, they can also make the building more difficult and slower. A hardcore mode makes it even harder to build. Creative mode allows players to create instantly and has unlimited resources. Most epic builders prefer to build in the creative mode because they don’t have to worry about any interference with their creativity. However, it doesn’t stop some Minecraftbuilders from trying to tackle a challenge.

Reddit users posted a recent post showing their build of a Wii Remote. This bird’s-eye view shows how accurate the build is. You can see the control pad and the plus/minus buttons. Because of the nostalgic feeling it brought, this build is extremely enjoyable. Doyoumine510 didn’t specify if they used mods, but they did say that the safety strap isn’t currently functional. While commentators made fun of the absence of a safety strap, the Redditor didn’t mention plans to add one to a future build. This isn’t Doyoumine510s first controller build. The Wii remote pictures show that they also made an exact NES controller and the Atari 2600 controller.

Minecraft will continue to be more impressive. Builders are attempting to create more interactive and larger builds. Players are pushing their limits to create accurate builds from the inside and out. One Minecraft player created a real-life soccer stadium with meticulous detail inside and outside. These builds are very popular with players who enjoy seeing the interactive elements and exploring them.

It is amazing to see the creativity displayed by Minecraft players. Every day it seems like players outdo each other. Fans’ passion and excitement fuels their creativity. Technology is constantly improving, which means there are many opportunities to create more interactive and impressive builds. Minecraft will also get an update in 2022 that will allow players to build and experiment with more.

One Minecraftplayer created a working escalator with Redstone. This allowed him to push the boundaries of Mojang’s voxel-sandbox. Minecraft has become a creative outlet. It is no longer a survival game. Instead, it transforms into a virtual canvas for players to express their artistic talents. The virtual sandbox is home to many creative projects, including massive construction projects such as one Minecraftplayer’s reconstruction of Theed city from Star Wars and ingenious engineering feats, such as a functioning graphing calculator. Even though the game is beloved for its long lifespan, new inventions continue to be discovered.

Minecraft‘s seemingly endless possibilities are due to the huge number of its useable entities. There are hundreds of building blocks available, and Redstone mechanisms add layers of complexity. Redstone allows players to express their creativity. Players can create amazing engineering feats like a self-assembly railroad using Redstone or recreation of Google’s internet outage. Redstone can transmit power that can be used to activate pistons and Redstone lamps and dispensers, and other useful tools. Redstone devices can be as simple as powering rails to move minecarts, but they often go to great lengths to bring technological innovation to Minecraft.

Reddit user Intelligent_Rent4594 It was demonstrated that technology innovation could be achieved through their use of an escalator. Minecraft Redstone is used as a power source. It looks and works like an escalator. The stairs are moved up to the top, and then the recycled steps are pushed back down to the bottom. Redstone, repeaters, and pistons move the platform blocks on the ramp up and down. You can leave the escalator on and continue to recycle blocks, so you could theoretically walk up floors and not have to take a step.


D&D Meme Compares The Tarrasque’s Massive Size To Banana

D&D Meme Compares The Tarrasque’s Massive Size To Banana

A hilarious Dungeons & Dragons meme compares the size of one of the most terrifying and large monsters in D&D to a banana. D&D has a reputation for creating epic monsters, from clever liches to powerful dragons. Although the Tarrasque is not well-known outside of D&D, it is one of the most frightening creatures in the game. This horror is described as a bipedal beast with dreamy eyes and horns that bounce magic spells back at the user. It has the highest challenge rating in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons and all tabletop RPGs are unusual in that they require imagination to different degrees. The fifth edition D&D contains beautiful artwork that depicts many monster descriptions and sizes. These categories include small and medium sizes and medium-sized, which would be where most of the player characters would fit into. There are also large, enormous, and gargantuan categories that the Tarrasque belongs to. These are useful, but it is still a mystery how big a Tarrasque of Dungeons and Dragons is.

Dungeons & Dragons players have a better understanding of the Tarrasque’s size thanks to MemesDnd Twitter. MemesDnd credits Middle-Ad6940 with creating the meme. It shows epic Tarrasque art and includes the explanation that a banana was added as a scale indicator. One reply from WytArtsy states that they may have found the banana by pointing to a small yellow area near the bottom. This shows how big the Tarrasque is, regardless of whether it contains a banana.

The Tarrasque, a mythical monster that can destroy entire civilizations, is the type of creature that legends describe. The best way to use the Tarrasque is to make him a legend, myth, or a sleeping giant that everyone whispers about and hope never awakes. Its enormity could be used to create a sense of urgency for players in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Some players might feel scared and anxious, while others may be more open to the challenge. It’s hard to find something igniting a player’s passion, like learning about a kaiju-sized creature about to take down their hometown.

As funny as it is, this meme does give DMs an idea of how to describe an encounter with this monster. Tarrasque is a formidable foe and should be reserved for high-level parties or at the end of campaigns. There are plenty of other terrifying creatures for low-level Dungeons and Dragons parties that you can contend with, such as cows.

Dungeons & Dragons will see major changes shortly. The upcoming 5.5 books will update the core rules. The D&Dmultiverse is growing, so campaign settings may be changed by the next iteration. It will likely include new campaign settings from familiar properties and returning to life classic campaign settings that were lost too long ago, and the influence of the expanding multimedia presence of the franchise.

Wizards of the Coast announced that a new HTML5 version of D&D will be released to celebrate the game’s 50th Anniversary. The changes will be partly based on feedback from fans. Wizards of the Coast already distributed surveys to its players. More are expected to follow in the coming year. This updated version of Wizards of the Coast is referred to as 5.5 by fans. It’s a refined version of existing rules and not the full sixth edition. These 5.5 books will be backward-compatible with the existing books. Fans don’t have to worry about their D&Dcontent becoming obsolete.

One thing that D&D keeps changing is its multiverse. Many groups stick to the Forgotten Realms and never venture into other worlds. D&Dalready offers many options for setting up campaigns that are different from the norm. These include the gothic horrors of Ravenloft or the mysterious realms of Theros, which are based on ancient Greek mythology. Wizards of the Coast revealed that there are more D&D campaign settings in the works. This will help to expand the multiverse. One of these settings could become the lynchpin connecting all the worlds in a new way. D&D5.5 will launch in 2024. The content released over the years can open the door to a new vision for the multiverse.

More magic: D&D will incorporate the Gathering Planes

Wizards of the Coast enthusiasts finally have something they’ve been waiting for since 1997 with the current D&D edition. Although it took several decades, Wizards of the Coast finally crossed over D&D with Magic: The Gathering. D&D now has many sourcebooks that allow you to adapt planes from Magic: The Gathering into the games, and Heroes of the Forgotten Realms helped bring D&D into Magic: The Gathering.

Disney Will Spend $33B on New Content In 2022, $8B More Than 2021

Disney Will Spend $33B on New Content In 2022, $8B More Than 2021

Disney announces in its annual report that it will spend $33 billion to create new content for 2022. With strong theatrical releases and a flourishing streaming service, the media giant is undoubtedly at the forefront of modern content creation. Disney media is made up of three main content groups: studios and general entertainment. Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Pixar are all part of the Disney Studios umbrella. Also, LucasFilm 20 Century Studios and Marvel Studios are included. Searchlight Pictures is also part of the Disney Studios umbrella. Disney’s entertainment networks include FX Networks and Disney Channel and Hulu, Disney Channel, Disney Channel, and FX Networks. ESPN is their sole sports network.

Since Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming model was established, the Mouse has been almost unstoppable. In January, CEO Bob Chapek revealed Disney’s goal to release more than 100 titles within the next year. The company held its first Disney+ Day to celebrate its second anniversary. It featured announcements and updates on many of the company’s upcoming projects. These included information about release dates for previously announced movies, shows, and a variety of planned new movies and shows.

Disney released their annual report. It states that they plan to spend $33Billion on new content in the 2022 fiscal year. This began October 1, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The $33 billion will be used to fund all areas of Disney’s media conglomerate. The total amount of the report is $8 billion higher than that reported in 2021 when it was approximately $25 billion. This increase in spending was to add content to the streaming service. It does not consider production disruptions caused by the ongoing pandemic.

The report also includes information about where some of the $33billion will go and more details about what the company intends to release in 2022. Disney intends to release 50 titles for theatrical or home viewing, 60 unscripted shows, 25 drama series, and 15 docuseries, as well as 10 animated series and 5 made-for-TV movies. Many of the series announced will be part of MCU. Even though Netflix plans to spend approximately $14 million by 2022 and WarnerMedia is planning to spend $20 Billion.

It was daunting to initially set Disney’s goal of publishing over 100 titles by 2022. This is a lot considering that there were 60 new titles released in 2021. Disney fans were initially concerned about whether the new titles would live up to their expectations. Although the huge budget might be reassuring to audiences, it is not enough. While shows for the MCU, such as the Hawkeye series or Star Wars, will get their share of the budget allocation, other shows may not receive the same treatment. It is still a matter of quality over quantity. A larger budget can’t guarantee quality content.

Hawkeye Director Teases Ant-Man Easter Egg In Upcoming Episode

Hawkeye Director Teases Ant-Man Easter Egg In Upcoming Episode

Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas teases a surprise Ant-Man reference in an upcoming episode. After a hiatus of a few months with the Jeremy Renner-led series, Marvel Studios returned to Disney+. The project will see Clint Barton reprise his role. It also explores his personal life. It will also feature a nod towards his real-world fun with Paul Rudd.

The Hawkeye series premiered with a two-episode debut that established the show’s premise. Apart from Clint, the series introduced Kate Bishop, played brilliantly by Hailee Steinfeld. After a series of events, they found themselves working together against Tracksuit Mafia. There are four more episodes left to go, and it is clear that the relationship between the couple, and their transformation from being new friends to becoming partners, will be the core of the show’s foundation. Hawkeye has been part of the MCU for a decade, clear nods to the larger franchise. These include flashbacks and direct mentions of other heroes. This was primarily achieved via Rogers’s music.

Although the Broadway show was meant to focus only on the original Avengers, it featured an appearance from Ant-Man. Thomas did not explain to the Playlist why they chose to alter history to include the shrinking hero. However, he did say that Scott Lang is still being referenced. The show will feature a reference to Renner and Paul Rudd in an upcoming Hawkeye episode. Below is what the director had to say:

“I don’t want to divulge anything, because we kinda get [some characters] to the world.” Here’s one–Ant-man. It’s a joy to see Paul [Rudd] with Jeremy together. Their press tour dynamic was great when they were on the “Avengers” run. “Ant-Man” was a character I found fun to play at Clint’s absurdity… but I did manage to give a nod to it.”

Thomas refers to Renner’s and Rudd’s time together in the promotion of Avengers Endgame. Marvel Studios thought it best to pair the two actors during the promotional period since both Hawkeye (Ant-Man) and the first fight against Thanos(Josh Brolin). The actors were unable to discuss any plot details due to the Infinity Saga-capper project. Instead of being boring, they decided to have fun and make their interviews interesting without divulging any details. It’s unclear how Hawkeye would reference this as it happened outside the MCU unless Rudd shows up as Ant-Man and has some bantering with Clint.

Marvel Studios has been cautious about teasing any surprised characters that might appear in their series since the WandaVision mystery guests blunder. Remember that Paul Bettany excited another actor to appear in the first MCU/Disney+ series. This spawned many theories. Fans realized that Bettany was talking about White Vision, and it was a disappointment. If Rudd does appear Hawkeye, they probably won’t be pushing for it so hard. They could save the surprise for the episode.

Halo Infinite will now give you bonus XP for your first few matches each day

Halo Infinite has received more EXP upgrades, which gives players an extra boost for their first few games every day.
Since Infinite’s multiplayer shadow-drop earlier this month, the battle pass progression in Infinite has been a hot topic. You can’t earn XP by playing first games, all you have to do is complete challenges. 343 players participated in a “play one” permanent challenge, which awards 50XP per time. However, John Junyszek, community manager at the studio, stated that they “noticed that some players were starting their sessions with slower payouts that we would like.”

This is because the bonus experience from the first six games of each day will be rewarded with a bonus chunk. The amount gradually decreases until you get back the 50XP starting in game seven. These changes will be live in the coming hours and are based on player feedback and data.

Although it is a positive change, the battle pass remains a mess. Junyszek stated that 343 is committed to making larger changes in the future, but it will take time to implement them. Even Halo Infinite’s lead designer said that he feels everyone’s pain about Infinite’s frustrating progression system and that his top priority is to address the issues.


Saved By The Bell Season 2 Showgirls Reference Explained By Writer

Saved By The Bell Season 2 Showgirls Reference Explained By Writer

Tracey Wigfield (Saved By The Bell season 2) explains how Showgirls is referenced in one episode. Elizabeth Berkley Lauren returns as Jessie SPAN0_ in the revival series. She joins fellow alums, Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is also present. The second season of the revival series has just been launched on Peacock.

Showgirls have been a cult movie that has grown in popularity ever since its 1995 debut. Paul Verhoeven was the director of the film. It was written by Joe Eszterhas from Basic Intelligence and starred Berkley Lauren and Gina Gerson. Nomi is a mysterious, stripper-turned-showgirl who encounters the industry’s darker sides every step of the way. After Saved by The Bell’s initial run, this was Berkley Lauren’s first major role. It was the first film to be released in theaters with an NC-17 rating. Despite the bad reviews, it has become a cult favorite similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Showgirls is a well-known name in the Saved By The Bell world. With Berkley Lauren keen to make some references, Wigfield explained, via Variation, that there was an opportunity to refer to the film. Saved By The Bell Episode 6, “Wrestling With The Future,” sees Jessie under pressure to return to dating. She uses a fireman pole to dance for a firefighter at a career fair. Wigfield said that the opportunity was “exciting,” but she had to contact Berkley Lauren to ask her if she would be interested. Wigfield agreed and said:

“There was a clear tone and clear communication. I modified the text and added lines — Easter eggs! It wasn’t enough to wear full Nomi regalia. I also knew the lines people love, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

Berkley Lauren explains that Jessie was forced to revisit the role because she didn’t want to lose her femininity. Berkley Lauren also appears in the episode wearing her iconic costume from Saved By The Bell, which includes a floral vest, high-waisted jeans, and a hair bow. She calls it a “full circle moment” because she wore her Showgirls jacket during the pole dancing scene.

Showgirls was an immediate box-office disaster, and critics were critical of it. But with time and distance, it has become a cultural landmark, now loved for its flaws. Berkley Lauren said she felt like a pariah after the film’s release, which changed her life forever. It’s great to see Berkley Lauren gain some respect for her role now that it has attracted the same audience as 1995.

Season 2 of Peacock’s Saved by The Bell revival has finally arrived after a long wait. Here’s a list of all returning and new characters. The beloved series began as Good Morning Miss Bliss before it evolved into Saved By The Bell. A few stars, such as Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Zack Morris, retained their roles and merged with Kelly Kapowski’s Tiffani Thiessen to become pop culture icons in the ’90s.

Saved by The Bellspawned two spin-off shows, Saved By the Bell The College Years & Saved By the Bell, The New Class. Two TV movies were also made to complete the stories of the original characters. Saved By the Bell was a very popular product of its day, but it retained its iconic and beloved status for many fans. Peacock’s announcement of a streaming revival was met with some skepticism. However, the reboot was a highly-rated and watched hit for Peacock upon its release. It featured a more mature mix of a new generation and was originally saved by The Bell characters.

In the Saved by The Bell season 1, the children of Douglas High had to adjust to the quirky world of Bayside. The finale saw them fighting for their right to stay. After a successful campaign and a year in lockdown, Saved by The Bell sees an eclectic gang return to “Bayside Nuisance,” which includes the national Spirit Competition and some new arrivals. This handy guide will show you the faces of both familiar and new characters who populate Saved by The Bell season 2.

Haskiri Velazquez as Daisy Jimenez

Daisy, Bayside’s most determined and ambitious student, is eager to reclaim her position as Class President after helping to change the school’s culture. In Saved By the Bell season 2, Daisy’s delicate balance is tested. However, distraction comes in the form of a new crush. Velazquez is also featured in The Girl in the Window and on Netflix’s Lost Girls.

Mitchell Hoog and Mac Morris

Mac, the son of Zack Kelly and Kelly, is the resident scammer of Bayside. He’s determined to surpass his father’s legacy. Hoog appears in Blumhouse’s comedy-horror Freaky and the more traditional horror The Conjuring: How The Devil Made It.

Enjoy Halo Infinite’s Fiesta mode while it lasts, because it’ll be gone tomorrow

Halo Infinite’s first live event, Fractures: Tenrai, is a bust. But the silver lining to a cloud of poorly-considered challenges, cosmetics and progression woes has been the return of Fiesta, a fan-favourite mode that spawns you with two random weapons and a random piece of equipment.

It’s daft fun, but don’t get too used to it. 343 this weekend confirmed that Fiesta will vanish tomorrow evening, not to be seen again until Tenrai returns sometime next January.

Fiesta’s absence hits somewhat sour after an event that’s already exacerbated a lot of existing frustrations with Halo Infinite. While Tenrai’s reward structure is a mess, Fiesta was legitimately fun—letting you go hog wild with the entire sandbox. Infinite has loads of strange weapons with unique mechanics, but often only appear once or twice on a map. It’s not often an entire team gets to whip themselves around the map with rockets and hammers at the same time. Thanks to random vehicle spawns, I’ve also probably gotten more hands-on time with the Banshee and Wraith than I’ve ever had in Big Team Battle (where they rarely spawn at all).

But the fleeting nature of Fiesta also has folks worried about the future of Halo’s other legacy modes. Infinite launched with a sparse selection of gametypes, omitting series staples like SWAT, Infection, Grifball and, yes, Fiesta. There’s a worrying sentiment on Reddit that these will themselves be limited to future week-long events.

It’s currently unclear whether Fiesta will remain available as a mode for custom games (where, through a little tweaking, some players have discovered an entire arsenal of powerful variations on existing weapons). And sure, Tenrai will return in January, and then 3 more times over the course of the season.

But alongside a thoroughly underwhelming event track, limited customisation and a battle bass that sucks, week-long temporary modes are only compounding the sense that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been stretched thin.


MCU J.Jonah Jameson Confirmed To Be Different From Raimi Spider-Man Films

MCU J.Jonah Jameson Confirmed To Be Different From Raimi Spider-Man Films

J.K. Simmons confirms Spider-Man’s version of J. Jonah Jameson’s character in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. In Spider-Man: Far From Home’s mid-credits Scene, Peter Parker (Tom Holland), and MJ (Zendaya), react to a Daily Bugle News broadcast in which Mysterio(Jake Gyllenhaal) exposes Spider-Man’s secret identity and charges him with murder. The scene brought back Simmons, who uttered “menace” as if that weren’t enough. Since the unveiling of Simmons’ return, fans have been wondering when other characters from previous Sony franchises would appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The trailer for No Way Home shows that the film picks up where Far from Home left off. After Jameson’s global revelation, Peter visits Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who helps him undo it. Strange then attempts to cast a spell that makes the whole world forget Peter Parker is Spider-Man. The Multiverse is opened when the magic fails. No Way home will bring back villains of Sony’s past, including Lizard (Jamie Foxx), Electro (Willem Dafoe), Green Goblin(Willem Dafoe), and Doc Ock. The most recent trailer showed many of the film’s villains and confirmed that Simmons would appear in more than the beginning of the new Spider-Man movie.

J.K. Simmons spoke recently on the Happy Sad Confoundedpodcast about his plans to reprise the role as Daily Bugle editor in MCU. Simmons answered a question about whether he needed to start playing Jameson in the MCU from scratch. Below is what he had to say about it.

Simmons stated, “You know what? I think it’s slightly different.” It’s certainly a different character, according to the authors of the current version of the story. It’s a slightly new character to me. It’s the same man with less hair. He has the most beautiful hair, which I wish he had. He’s just a bit of comic relief that is incorporated lightly into the movie, as it is appropriate for his character.

Simmons’ Jameson is in the universe before Strange’s spell. No Way Homes’ villains might be from an alternate universe, but he’s not. Loki’s main character, a variation of the trickster who died in Avengers: Infinity War, is also a variant. This Jameson is most likely a variation of Raimi’s Daily Bugle Editor. Simmons emphasizes that Jameson is funnily cantankerous despite not having hair. Jameson would be the character that was mostly unaffected by the alternate universe’s circumstances. It’s not clear if Molina, Foxx, or Dafoe will be playing their characters from Sony’s films. Electro, for example, has had a dramatic makeover ever since his appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

No Way Home’s new trailer addresses that most of its villains died fighting for their Spider-Man. Many see the final appearance of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as a foregone conclusion–which would be the cherry on top of a film that pays homage to web-slinging cinema. With No way home now in full swing, Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s future is uncertain. Holland will only appear in one additional MCU project. Sony is also building its characters universe, with a Miles Morales movie rumored to be in development. Spider-Man No way Home promises to deliver a huge performance, bringing back almost every actor who made the franchise so popular, not least Simmons.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered won’t get multiplayer after all

The co-op multiplayer was not included in Ghostbusters The Video Game when Saber Interactive remastered it, 10 years after Terminal Reality’s 2009 version.

Matt McKnight told Venturebeat at Saber that the original multiplayer was another studio’s work based upon an incomplete version. Saber discovered six versions of the multiplayer code and did not know which one had shipped. Saber was still evaluating the situation and decided to remove multiplayer from the launch remaster.

It seems that it is now dead in the water. Saber’s chief creative officers Tim Willits and MP1st, spoke to us. “This was something that the team wanted when working on the remaster a couple of years ago. We had tried it, but the original multiplayer code wouldn’t cooperate.” While we investigated the issue, we decided to create the single-player experience that fans had hoped for.

IllFonic, creators of Friday 13th and Predator Hunting Grounds, is currently developing a Ghostbusters-themed game. Given their previous work, the game will likely be based upon Ghostbusters: Afterlife and may be solely multiplayer.


The Next Batman Shouldn’t Be Robin, But Batgirl Cassandra Cain

The Next Batman Shouldn’t Be Robin, But Batgirl Cassandra Cain.

Several protégés support DC Comics Batman, so there are many potential successors to the Dark Knight throne. But one Batgirl deserves this honor more than any other – Robin included. Cassandra Cain might not be the first person who comes to mind to replace Bruce Wayne. Cass is a clear choice when compared with her Bat-Family friends.

Cain was created by Kelley Puckett, Damion Scott, and Lady Shiva’s daughter, a fan-favorite character. She is also the only Bat-Family member who truly wants to be Batman, at least for the right reasons. Batgirl #50, by Rick Leonardi and Dylan Horrocks, demonstrates why. After Batgirl and Batman have been administered Dr. Death’s aggressive-inducing drug Soul to their bodies, they begin trading blows at a rapid pace. They battle across Gotham, each side bringing everything with them and neither one of them breaking a sweat. Their deathmatch ends at Sprang Bridge, where an explosion from a gasoline tanker jolts the Bat-Family members into their minds and plunges them into the Gotham River below. They hold hands as Cass tells them that their only contact with David Cain, her birthfather, was through violence. Bruce finally asks Cass where her loyalty lies between herself, Barbara, and David. Cass points at his chest with the Bat Symbol and replies, “No. You are not. This” proves that she, just like Bruce, understands that Batman is more than his identity. It’s a symbol of justice for all who are in need.

This is only one example of the respect Batgirl has for Batman’s legacy. It’s one reason she’s the obvious choice to take on the role. Scott Peterson, Kelley Puckett, and Damion Scott wrote the first issue of her solo series. Bruce had commented on how similar they were for many years before Flashpoint erased them from the timeline. She is, without doubt, the Bat-Family’s best fighter – better than Batman himself! But her drive and dedication to the mission she shares with Bruce make her the perfect successor, especially when compared with the Robins.

Nightwing was a great Batman. However, he lived his entire life in Bruce’s shadow and would never want to take over the role again. On the other hand, Red Hood has his problems with Bruce, which he needs to resolve before he can ever consider taking over. Tim Drake is the Bat Family’s greatest detective. But, fans have repeatedly seen that the pressures of following Bruce’s legacy lead Tim to an extremely dark place in many timelines. Stephanie Brown, a great hero by herself, has had a relationship with vigilantism that has been so tangled that she can’t imagine staying as Batman. Although Damian is Bruce’s biological heir, and Robin most often proclaims the Batman mantle as his inheritance, readers have seen the dark future that his Batman creates and know that there’s an ego-driven part of him that would rather claim the mantle to fulfill his genuine desire for justice.

Cassandra Cain might not be the first to be thought of by fans when it comes time to replace Batman. But she should be. She is the Bat-Family’s most authentic and most suitable to carry on the legacy. Bruce and the Robins will be doing Gotham a favor by having Batgirl replace Batman after the Shadows of the Bat event.